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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ABOUT THE AUTHOR ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

in full,  Guy Antony Danilo Cutrufo   b. 1942

                                                                                           1991                          2011

Italian-born American scholar and political scientist. He was born in Siracusa (Syracuse), Sicily during World War II, and he was raised in Boston. He did his undergraduate work at the University of Oklahoma, spent three years in the Army, and did his graduate work at the University of Hawaii, where he was also a Research Assistant before his appointment as a Teaching Fellow in Political Science. He has been a member of the American Political Science Association since 1967, and spent much of his professional life in the federal bureaucracy before resuming his scholarly pursuits full-time. Cutrufo perceived the utility of having an academic analogue of a world map, and spent nine years developing, researching, and writing the first edition of Chronologium Academicus for its 1991 publication in its huge poster format.

In the course of that research, Cutrufo became acutely aware of: 

     (1)  The absence of a truly interdisciplinary, single-source biographical and chronological reference                     to history and academia; and of, 
     (2)  The unfathomable criteria used by existing references for the inclusion or exclusion of portraits; 
  and, for the inclusion or exclusion of translations or transliterations of non-English citations.

As a result, Cutrufo then set upon the tasks of (1) filling that gap, and (2) rationalizing those criteria. He has spent the last 20 years writing the c. 3,000 biographical sketches and the supplementary chronologies of the work he is in the process of completing, Academia,* as well as doing the research necessary to include a portrait–wherever one exists–for every biographical entry. In addition, Academia provides translations or transliterations of non-English citations wherever possible. Concurrently, Cutrufo has continuously kept Chronologium Academicus up-to-date for the planned publication of a second edition of the poster.**

     *The next section provides further information on the work in progress ACADEMIA

   **The section after that provides further information on the other work in progress, the