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  • The price of Chronologium Academicus is $65.00 USD. It measures 53¼"H x 73¼"W; it's printed in burnt-sepia and old-gold on heavy antique-white map stock; it's laminated on both sides; it comes with Mounting Suggestions; and, it ships rolled in a tube.

  • Payment will be processed through PayPal using your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover card. (PayPal can also process payments through your bank account if it is registered with them).

  • Domestic Shipping is Free via Media Mail to all 50 states, to US territories, and to A.P.O. & F.P.O. addresses.

  • International Shipping varies by destination, and is limited to International Priority Air service to the 37 nations and territories that accept mail measuring a maximum of 60” in length, and a maximum combined length plus girth of 108”. Those 37 nations and territories are divided into four groups by the applicable shipping charges in $ USD.

  • The three prices given for each group are for 1, 2, or 3 posters respectively rolled and shipped in a single tube. (If you wish to purchase multiple posters in separate tubes, place multiple single poster orders).

  • If you wish to order 4 or more posters, please ignore the PayPal site’s “4 and up” entry. Instead, for 4 posters, place an order for 3 and an order for 1. OTHER EXAMPLES: To order 5, place an order for 3 and an order for 2; and, to order 12, place 4 orders of 3 each.

               CANADIAN GROUP       $22.50 for 1;   24.25 for 2;   27.75 for 3 posters

               MOSTLY EUROPEAN GROUP $33.00 for 1;   37.00 for 2;   43.00 for 3 posters
           Andorra,  Austria,  Azerbaijan Republic,  Azores (use Portugal),  Belgium,  Canary Islands (use Spain)
           Czech Republic,  Denmark,  Finland,  France,  Germany,  Gibraltar,  Greece,  Ireland,  Italy, 
           Liechtenstein,  Luxembourg,  Madeira Islands (use Portugal),  Malta,  Netherlands,  Norway,  Poland,              Portugal,  San Marino,  Slovakia,  Spain,  Sweden,  Switzerland,  United Kingdom,  &  Vatican City

               FAR EAST GROUP $34.00 for 1;   38.00 for 2;   46.00 for 3 posters
           Hong Kong,  Japan,  &  Macau

               PACIFIC GROUP   $37.00 for 1;   42.00 for 2;   52.00 for 3 posters
           Cook Islands,  New Zealand,  &  Niue

(E-mail us at  with any questions concerning shipping charges).

If you wish to purchase a copy of Chronologium Academicus, press the buy this/BUY NOW button below, and you will be redirected to the PayPal site to enter your order. Thank you.


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